Matica umirovljenika Hrvatske

Matica umirovljenika Hrvatske (MUH) exists since 1946 and is the largest pensioner organization and among the oldest civil society organizations in the Republic of Croatia. We have over 420 associations with more than 120.000 members. Activities are directed at increasing the quality of life and living standards of pensioners and elderly people, in order to improve their material, health, and social position. We propose solutions to the Government, ministries, and governmental and non-governmental institutions, and actively participate in the work of the National Council for pensioners and elderly persons.

Matica umirovljenika Hrvatske has experience in implementing EU projects. We successfully completed two EU projects – SENIOR AKTIV – Program poticanja aktivnog starenja na području Grada Zagreba and Društveni centar Prečko at the beginning of June. We are currently implementing two EU projects - Senior 2030 – Tematska mreža za politiku aktivnog starenja u Hrvatskoj and Aktivni korak – program podrške osobama starije životne dobi u Zagrebu.

Matica publishes Hrvatski umirovljenički list (HUL), a magazine that has been published since 1946. We publish all information of interest to our member associations and elderly people.

Member associations of Matica through HUL publish all information about activities they do with elderly people, that are related to socializing, travel, workshops, events, and projects they implement.