HT's Nikolina Pejović presented BOOMER Project on International Deutsche Telekom Europe Online Meeting 22nd Jan 2024

In a recent international online meeting organized by Deutsche Telekom Europe, HT's Nikolina Pejović presented the BOOMER project. As part of the Deutsche Telekom global network, HT (Hrvatski Telekom) plays a role in driving initiatives that align with Deutsche Telekom Europe's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets.

Representing HT she showcased the project's goals, progress, and its potential impact on bridging the digital divide within the senior community.

Deutsche Telekom Europe, with a dedicated ESG pillar focusing on seniors, expressed keen interest in supporting the BOOMER project. Recognizing the importance of addressing digital inclusion globally, Deutsche Telekom Europe has included the Senior pillar in its ESG and is interested in making BOOMER part of the Senior strategy.

In a significant development, Nikolina Pejović has been added to the Europe task force, a group dedicated to implementing Senior pillar across other Telecom Natcos within the Deutsche Telekom network. This move underscores the commitment of both HT and Deutsche Telekom Europe to extend the positive impact of the BOOMER project and create a more digitally inclusive environment for seniors on a global scale.