Skills Audit

The aim of BOOMER is to provide solutions for the well-known problem of the elderly population through real-world applicable and easy-to-understand educational content for the upbringing of digital skills and social inclusion. The addressed problem is recognised under several priorities of the Erasmus+ programme and existing data clearly show low level of digital skills among the elderly population which makes them particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged in a digital era.

There is a need to dive deeper and perform a comprehensive analysis of EU-wide and national analyses, strategies, and research outputs aimed at the specific digital skills needed by seniors in areas identified as relevant by the consortium: information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, digital well-being and competences required for cybersecurity and problem-solving.

BOOMER skills and competences audit aims to dive deeper through a comprehensive analysis at national and EU-wide levels into strategies, incentives, and best practices for addressing the digital isolation of seniors. The consortium will perform an in-depth analysis of the learning needs of the elderly population that will result in the essential ingredient for the creation of educational content. It will provide up-to-date, relevant, and concrete knowledge that will be beneficial not only for BOOMER but also for local, national, and EU policymakers.

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Final Report Executive Summary