The main intangible product of BOOMER will be the educational content. Courses specifically for the elderly population with low digital skills and competencies will be designed and delivered. All educational content will be freely available through BOOMER Virtual Corner. The structure of the consortium enables us to utilise the knowledge of social, learning, and the technical dimension of education of the elderly population in order to develop comprehensive, applicable, and easy-to-use educational content.

The preliminary structure of the educational content encompasses:

  1. Information literacy. Within this field, we intend to provide the target group with knowledge relevant to articulating their own information needs, browsing and searching for data, and filtering relevant information.

  2. Communication & collaboration. The communication field will provide skills relevant to interactions through digital technologies, the field that proved essential in times of physical isolation such as the recent COVID-19 crisis. Individuals will learn about the management of their own digital identity, rules of online behaviour (netiquette), and sharing through digital technologies.

  3. Safety. This educational content will equip participants with knowledge about the protection of personal data and privacy, the protection of devices, the risks of digital technologies for health and well-being but also opportunities it creates for taking care of their own health and well-being. Particular attention will be also given to risks related to online shopping.

  4. Problem solving. Throughout their life, seniors, like all others, will experience situations that are not provided in educational materials and will require their problem-solving skills. BOOMER will educate them on how to solve minor technical problems, creatively use digital technologies and identify their digital competence gaps. They will learn how to identify problems and make informed decisions in a digital setting.