In May of this year, the first educational workshop on digital literacy for senior citizens was held as part of the Erasmus+ BOOMER project. Organized in collaboration with the Croatian Pensioners' Association, the event took place in Karlovac County in the city Duga Resa. Additionally, five more workshops are planned for the northern region of Croatia.

The BOOMER project is funded through the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships program and aims to enhance the digital literacy of senior citizens. Alongside Croatian Telecom d.d. and the project coordinator, the CREDO research center of the University of Dubrovnik, the Croatian consortium also includes the Croatian Pensioners' Association and the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb. To date, over 600 users from Croatia and abroad have participated in the educational content developed as part of the project, in both online and physical settings.

Nikolina Pejović, a team leader from HT d.d., led the workshop. Project aims to bridge the intergenerational and social gaps caused by digital transformation. Participants had a unique opportunity to learn about various aspects of digital literacy, including communication and collaboration, security, and acquiring basic digital skills. The workshop was interactive, featuring numerous questions from participants that helped deepen their understanding and apply the skills they gained.